Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Wow! What a summer!

In addition to X bar 4 Studio jewelry being on Distinctly Montana magazine's gift website, our jewelry is also sold at the St. Regis Giftshop. If your travels take you on I-90, stop in at the giftshop and check it out- they're featured in the showcase to the left of the cash registers. AND get a yummy huckleberry milkshake for the road!

I've also been working on some new items as well. My brain has been imploding with new jewelry ideas and I made time to try them out. I have some funky cool sugar skull earrings...

And I've been wanting to make an X bar 4 Studio interpretation of a Naja pendant. The Naja  has it"s origin with the Moors in Spain. It is a good luck charm to ward off the evil eye. It is thought that it was handed down from the Spanish Moors to Mexico and then to the Navajo. So excited about this first version!

And my most recent addition has been because of the multitude of requests from ya'll- feathers! Stay tuned for photo's- coming soon!

X bar 4 Studio is excited to be one of the vendors at the 32nd Annual Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering August 17-20 in Lewistown. Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering is the 2nd oldest cowboy poetry gathering in the country, just one year behind the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada!  The mission of Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering is:  “…to preserve and celebrate the history, heritage and values of the American cowboy in the upper Rocky Mountain west.”Stop by and see us if you're there.Can't wait- hope to make lots of new friends!